Providing quality equipment, building materials and
services to Supermarkets and Convenience Stores


CHC Manufacturers Representatives

6379 Waverly Way

Fort Worth, TX  76116

Fax: (937) 910-6674

Tina Bauman
Territory: Arkansas, Louisiana,

Mississippi, New Mexico,

Oklahoma and Texas

Mobile: (817) 319-6388

Alternate: (513) 850-3917

Hank Faulder

Territory: Arkansas, Louisiana,

Oklahoma and Texas

Mobile: (817) 937-4070

Richard Puglise

Territory: Mississippi, Louisiana

Mobile: (504) 415-7843


Store Solutions:


CHC Manufacturers Representatives provides exceptional service to the Convenience Store and Supermarket Industries by serving as a liaison and connection point with a broad array of manufacturers offering in-store equipment solutions.


Whether you’re looking for a small business solution, or completely equipping a large store chain, CHC can help you discover and implement the best solutions for your needs.


Because we serve a large customer base including regional and national chains, we can provide specialized knowledge of the operational needs of your store. Our partnership with the most reputable equipment manufacturers in the industry gives you the security of knowing you will receive products of the highest quality and services provided by reliable and trustworthy sales representatives.


Manufacturer Solutions:


CHC Manufacturers Representatives serves a large domestic and international  grocery and convenience store market, bringing your products to the attention of a wide audience. 

We have specialized knowledge of the entire factory-to-store process, and can help bring your superior products to the attention of a demanding grocery and convenience store industry. 

Our proven and successful sales acumen will drive your business forward. CHC Manufacturers Representatives deliver more sales in an effective and efficient manner than any other way of going to market.

Our firm offers a comprehensive package of value-added services that enhances the manufacturers' marketing process.